Workshop ‘Presenting from your senses’ Basis – Start 30 may 2023

Location Eindhoven
Workshop 3 three-hour-sessions Tuesday 30 may - Tuesday 6 june - Tuesday 13 june -

In these three sessions you will learn how to stay true to yourself while under pressure. This goes for “in front of a camera” as well as “for a group”. Each session all participants will present something, there will be exercises and Leon will go along to make sure that the presentation is presented from your senses. No tips and tricks, but creating a strong basis yourself all aligned with your senses. That will be permanent and you won’t forget it. You are repairing the connection to yourself.

€250,- excl. VAT per session.
To book only in aggregate (3 sessions).

This is an exclusive workshop with a maximum of 6 participants so you will receive individual coaching.

18.30 walk in / reception
19.00 start workshop
22.00 estimated closing of the workshop with a beverage

The workshop will take place in Eindhoven. You will receive the exact location after registration.