Leon coaches groups and individuals. The goal of a workshop is “getting connected through sensitivity”. This is something that Leon wants you to experience by inviting you to the group. This place has become Leon’s home and under his professional guidance, everybody will be able to experience this and the effects from head to toe. The whole group will benefit from this.

There is also a possibility to continue face-to-face with Leon. Apart from being a performer he is also an energetic coach and uses “opstellingen”. He makes you look closely to your own issues and guides you through this process, if that is what you want. Everything starts with you and no step will be taken unless it comes from you. Leon opens the connection to emphasize your path. 

Coaching is about “being” and not about “doing”. Becoming aware of what you are doing and how you maintain this, is the beginning of transformation. The first step is getting a closer look at your own behavior and becoming aware of what you actually want for yourself.  

This down-to-earth attitude makes you able to become more aware of the person you really are and makes you act on it.  

The main thing you will be doing in these coaching sessions with Leon is “feeling” and less “talking”. There you will find all the answers. Your answers. 

This can be a onetime meeting or multiple sessions, at least three times. After these sessions your experiences will have become your talents, which makes you a more confident person. You are more aware of who you really are and what you have to offer. 

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“I’m collecting sneakers. Not the most exclusive ones, just every sneaker I like. At first because I just wanted to do it until I found out that it was some sort of compensation for my childhood. From that moment on I put a stop to this and sold most of my sneakers. Now the “must” is gone and I allow myself one pair a month unless I will be able to sell a couple. Sometimes I deserve an extra pair like these because they match the colors of this website.”

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Fail at Van Maerlant

They are going to write a piece about their most beautiful failure and they have asked me if I would come up with a workshop about “why failing is good and important”. I didn’t prepare much, especially now, the possibility of making mistakes has to be felt. It is all about being vulnerable. I have asked the vwo students a lot, they reply reluctantly. I share with them one of my biggest failures (boo-ed of stage during Willem van Hanegem’s book presentation, live on TV) and I felt something had to be done before they would understand. I have asked a teacher to share her most beautiful failure and she has told about a failed marriage in which she had been for too long. For assurance, for money. The pupils are moved by her story, they had never seen her like this before. She returned to her spot and in a reflex, I have asked her to return to the stage. I have asked her ex-husband’s name. She swallowed and told us his name. Now it becomes realistic to her, to everybody and vulnerability rules. Suddenly everybody is connected and we all feel that it is okay. We are all people and people make mistakes.