A presenter who is able to make you relax, who connects and makes you laugh. Leon makes it work because of his broad experience from small (in-depth interviews) to major (field speaker for 35.000 people in the Philips Stadium) and by being already involved when he is preparing. Leon wants to become part of the process as soon as possible so he knows all there is to know about the subject and is able to share his insights when he is preparing a presentation. Eventually is pays off giving a presentation on stage in which the audience is completely involved where all the main characters are in the spotlights at the right moment. This can be live, on camera or online.

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References: NOS, Philips, Rabobank, MTV, KPN, Omroep Brabant, Fontyss, Elkerliek Ziekenhuis en PINK/Orange en PSV.

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...and suddenly we were together

The theme was solitude and how to cope with it. The whole afternoon was all about others, especially the elderly. I felt something was lacking and when I was allowed to speak I let go of my original ideas and started to stress out what I was missing. Spontaneously I started talking about my loneliness. It became silent because people understood my feelings. The beauty of it was that we transformed into “one” connected by the same experience. Solitude had brought us together and from there we connected with the elderly.