The subject can vary from “connection” to “humor” and from “achieving” to “having fun”. Within these topics Leon is taking you on an interactive trip of at least half an hour with a maximum of an hour and a half, whatever suits you best. He makes you aware of how it works and what you can reach your aim. If it is possible somebody will join to experience how it is to stay connected to the participant’s feelings while being observed. This will be a big step forward. It will be an eye-opener, not only for the participant but also for the observers. After a reading you will be able to stay true to yourself experiencing pressure. You know how to transform a performance into a fun and challenging moment, instead of letting your nerves take over.

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Leon speaks for all laid-off V&D employees.

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The V&D went bankrupt, thousands of employees were kicked to the curb. One of them asked me to do something for them to bring a little air and light into their lives. I performed for them, free of charge, and it turned into a session about “how to deal with your emotions” instead of it being a show. In the middle of my performance I asked a lady, who was still very angry, to express herself. As she did, she lit up the whole room. My story became the story of the audience. I only put the feelings that prevailed into words.

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