Leon is back with his 6th solo show in which he wonders where the “real people” have gone. Where are the heroes from before we were seeing of X-Factors and Barbies. And can he still find himself. Leon doesn’t want to be difficult, he want to live, dance, sing and  have fun. Celebrate freedom. Together with his audience. He wants to know how the audience flushes away all the nonsense and returns to the essence, the raw pulp. Leon begins working on himself, abroad or just at the dinner table, with a lot of improvisation skills, humor and sincerity.

“I’m standing up, searching, finding, laughing, dancing, being afraid, abandoned, I’m crying, fucking, bowing, tripping, turning my head, singing, screaming and admiring, talking and squeezing. To give you this. Straight from my heart. The best of me. I’ll keep the rest to myself.

Only available in Dutch.