Sjoerdtje Schaap
Sjoerdtje Schaap Event organizer

A deep bow for you!

Grateful for the beautiful lessons I learned during the course presenting from your feelings. Totally out of your comfort zone feeling what your body is telling you. With Leon next to you who takes his time and supports you. And then staying upright and noticing that the next time you are doing a lot better. 

Leon, thank you for this wonderful course. For me it was more like a life lesson with beautiful insights, this goes so deep, the fears that had been present for so long and which did not dare to be looked at and for which now there was room to feel and acknowledge it all. And then very practical tools to put yourself firmly on stage, or anywhere else. I also found it very valuable and instructive to follow the process of the others. With humor and lots of love you support the group in such a way that you also dare to show vulnerable sides. 

A deep bow for you! And please continue with this wonderful work, I wish this to so many people! 


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