Karel Jonker

What do you really want to tell?

“Speaking skills as a trick is not what Leon is about. Where is your story, what do you want to tell and what is what gives you the legitimacy to share your story with others? What do you really want to tell? What touches you personally and why? Pfoeh, a little depth while you think you’re being told something about, standing on a dot i.e. room light or something. 

This was about feeling, but also about blockages why you don’t say something. Expertly and with great confidence Leon slowly peels off the skin. With personal surprise I suddenly found myself in front of a group of colleagues telling a very personal and vulnerable story that touched me more than I had thought possible. The safe atmosphere in which this was guided by Leon was the stimulus to break down barriers. Alternating with humor as an element for releasing tension. Under Leon’s guidance, this process was liberating, safe and familiar and we went right to the heart of the matter. It is a privilege to have had experiences with Leon, and to have given a workshop together. Leon really brings you to a new, higher level.”


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