Maaike van der Aar
Maaike van der Aar Director

With the humor we know from him!

‘Working with Leon (and Mireille) is a real party and a warm bath. Even when I asked for an offer I was super friendly, thoughtful and cooperative by Mireille. Leon himself then took the time to understand our content and really understand what we wanted and how we envisioned it. Our first conversation was on a terrace, which of course is much more inspiring and personal than in a boring office. Good move by him! What is very nice is that Leon ‘fits in’. Not only to the question (day chairman) an sich, but also to the people he works with and for, and the final ‘look and feel’. And that expresses itself in everything he does. Top tip for people who want to work with him, by the way, is to give Leon as much space as possible for his own input. Because that’s where his knowledge and skill and personality really comes out. He prepares extremely well, senses well what the “mores” of what he is working on are, and fits in seamlessly. With the humor we know from him, the guts, sharpness and speed of response to what is happening, reliable and with natural leadership and direction. In short; Leon is the man you want to book! (But don’t book him too often, because we would like him to remain available to us!)’  


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